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Sidlab Haircouture
1553 11th St.
West Linn, Oregon 97068
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About Us

Shannen is a serial entrepreneur. Active in the community and a believer in supporting local small businesses, Shannen saw Sidlab as a next adventure that fit her animal loving and sustainable living lifestyle. After previously co-owning a now thriving salon, taking over an existing hair product line that was looking for a new direction seemed like a perfect fit. The brand has a strong following and loyal clientele of salons and stylists who can’t wait to get their hands back on the product. More importantly, it’s a brand that’s of and for the Pacific Northwest and it has a feel and ethos that speaks to Portland. Inspired by the local culture of artists, chefs, fashion designers, tech start-ups, and mavericks of every kind; Sidlab embraces everything that’s uniquely Portland. Sustainable, cruelty-free, locally made with natural ingredients, and free of all the bad stuff. We’re a small, independent, boutique brand designed to support you in being, well, you!

What's in a name?

So how was the name Sidlab born? Well, rumor has it the founder wanted to name it, “Baldis”, with a bald, Mr. Clean type guy as the icon. He was, for obvious reasons, quickly voted down by the partners. It was such a fantastically bad name, though, that they just couldn’t get it out of their heads, so they turned it over, spun it around, looked at it upside down, and finally Baldis became Sidlab…which is Baldis backwards. True story…

Our baby, Mochi

Woman and Minority Owned, Independently Owned, Small Business