Why Haircouture?

Everyone's hair is different.  Each individual has a different hair type, texture, density and environment.  One product doesn't fit all.  Sidlab products are highly concentrated, allowing your stylist to cocktail the proper formula for your hair, acheiving optimal results and bringing down the cost-per-day.

Sidlab was made by stylists, for stylists. We are dedicated to supporting stylists.  Who knows your client's hair better than you do?  By giving you options you can "cocktail" together, you create the formulas that can be adapted for today’s styles.

Why Sidlab?

  • Small, independent, locally owned company in the Portland, Oregon area
  • Made in the great Northwest*
  • Eco-friendly products that are biodegradeable into our rivers
  • Never tested on animals (PETA approved)
  • We encourage customers to refill their bottles at their local salon, or our bottles are also recyclable
  • 100% paraben free (an ingredient linked to cancer)
  • All Products are Sodium Laureth Sulfate-Free (a potential carcinogenic, petrochemical lathering agent known to strip hair color)
  • Free of alcohol which is known to cause eye irritations, skin rashes, hair loss, scalp build up and allergic reactions.
  • Essential oils for theraputeic benefits 
  • pH balanced for skin and hair
  • We give back:  a donation is made for all products sold.
  • Money back guarantee:  If you are not satisfied with our products, send it back for a refund.

What's in a Name?

We purchased the company in 2019 because the products had such a strong repuation and we wanted to see the brand thrive

But rumor has it that the original founder wanted to name the company "Baldis" with a bald Mr. Clean guy as the icon. He was outvoted by the other shareholders for obvious reasons. So Baldis became Sidlab (which is the baldis backwards). When you think of it, Sidlab products do exactly the reverse of making you bald, so maybe it was a joke and Sidlab was to be the reverse of bald. Whatever the story, the product is works great and that is why our customers love it. So what's in a name?

*most products made in Canada, some products made in California.

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