Why Haircouture?

You’re a true original; unique, quirky, irreverent – and so is your hair. That’s right, everyone’s hair is different. From the texture to the density to the environment in which you live and play, your hair is uniquely you -- so why take a one-size fits all approach to hair care? At Sidlab, we believe your hair product should be as distinctive as your style and so our highly concentrated line (a little goes a long way) is specially designed to be mixed and matched. Like your favorite bartender shaking up the perfect cocktail, Sidlab products empower your stylist to take one part this, two parts that, maybe a splash of this to customize a product that’s designed specifically for you! Styling meets mixology.

Sidlab was made by stylists, for stylists, and we’re dedicated to supporting stylists; after all, who knows a client’s hair better than their stylist? By giving you a line designed to be cocktailed, we let your creativity free so you can create the perfect formula for any style, hair type, or environment.

Why Sidlab?

We’re a small, locally owned business proudly located in today’s capital of cool, Portland, OR. Proudly created, formulated, and made in the Northwest, we bring that Pacific Northwest ethos to everything we do.

  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable products

  • Refillable – We encourage customers to refill bottles at their local salon*Bottles are recyclable

  • Cruelty Free – Never tested on animals (PETA approved)*100% Paraben Free

  • Completely free of Sodium Laureth Sulfate*Alcohol-free*pH balanced for skin and hair

  • Essential oils for therapeutic benefits

  • Sidlab Gives Back: a donation is made for every product sold

  • Money back guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with a product, send it back for a refund.

What's in a Name?

We bought the company in 2019 because the products had such a strong reputation and loyal following and we wanted to see the brand thrive again. We considered a complete relaunch with new branding and a new name, but then we learned the name had a story.

So how was the name Sidlab born? Well, rumor has it the founder wanted to name it, “Baldis”, with a bald, Mr. Clean type guy as the icon. He was, for obvious reasons, quickly voted down by the partners. It was such a fantastically bad name, though, that they just couldn’t get it out of their heads, so they turned it over, spun it around, looked at it upside down, and finally Baldis became Sidlab…which is Baldis backwards. True story…But when you really think about it, Sidlab is amazing for your hair, so maybe it was just a joke all along; like how you might call a huge guy, Tiny. Whatever the origin, the products work great and that’s why customers and stylists love it.

About the Owners:

Shannen and Jesse are Portland locals and serial entrepreneurs. We are active in the community and believers in supporting local business. Having previously launched a now thriving salon, a hair product line was a natural next step and Sidlab was exactly the opportunity we were looking for. The brand has a strong following and loyal clientele of salons and stylists who can’t wait to get their hands back on the product. More importantly, it’s a brand that’s of and for the Pacific Northwest and it has a feel and ethos that speaks to Portland. Inspired by the local culture of artists, chefs, fashion designers, tech start-ups, and mavericks of every kind; Sidlab embraces everything that’s uniquely Portland. We’re a small, independent, boutique brand designed to support you in being, well, you!

*most products made in Canada, some products made in California.