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Product Matrix:

Don't want to wait to hear back from us? Pick your main hair category on the left and use the top menu to navigate the environmental factors that apply to your lifestyle via the top menu. Where the two intersect is our best recommended product options for you.


  • All Products are highly concentrated so use a small amount. You can always add more later.

  • Clay: Takes a lot of working in.

  • Blend: One product on wet hair and different on dry hair. Makes hair like a "helmet". Add water and it reactivates. Toss into sweaty hair and reacreate style.Fabric: Makes volume and seprates layers. Smooths styles

  • Sleek System: Style begins at the bowl. Sleek system breaks down curl. Also works for those with fine hair or those with straight hair in humid situations.

  • pH Balanced: Products are pH balanced for hair. When you put product on your hair that is bad for your hair, you stunt hair growth. If you wash your face with water, you feel it tighten up. That is the pH in the water. So the same goes for the hair. You need to neutralize the pH of water for the hair for the product to work effectively.

  • Magic: Magic is only to be used mid-day if oily hair appears (add heat to absorb oil) or for 2nd day hair

  • Satin where noted as *:Satin can be used with any curly hair as a detangler and heat/UV Protectant

  • Trilogy: Trilogy is the only shampoo with scalp cleanser but can cause irritation to sensitive scalps. Essential oils are included to help combat. Test first before use. Trilogy is a 3 in 1 and conditioner can be skipped with short hair. Essential oils like mint may help with hair growth.

  • Raindrops: Is up to 5% Argan Oil and can be applied directly to the scalp to treat dry patches. Recommend to try on a small patch to see if adverse reactions. Apply directly to the scalp at night prior to shampoo since it is an oil. Can also be used sparingly midshaft to ends when styling for healing shine. Heat from the blow dryer can push the oil inside to heal from the inside out. If you put too much on, you can use heat to dissipate product. Has UV protection and filler is Vitamin E.

  • Designer: Can be used all over for huge volume. Good for sensitive skin. Not a root booster but a volumizer. Great for thin hair but can work on thick hair as it works on a cuticle level. Increases elasticity of hair when applied to wet hair.

  • Pacifica: Can be used on dry hair to give lifeless hair lightweight texture. Salt crystals creates the beachy wave.

  • Satin: Keeps your hair tangle free while eliminating frizz, flyaways and adding shine. Water based (oil free). Not good for updos. Use Fabric or Raindrops for shine on updos. Speeds up drying time

  • Lifestyle Factors: Swimmers and athletes, Use Lather/Rinse for daily washers, Trilogy/Silk for weekly washers. Use Blend in sweaty hair to reactive style.

  • Eyewear: Use 1 drop of Raindrops sparingly where eyeglasses rub and snag your hairs to protect them. Or a mist of Satin on your fingertips and applied to areas most likely to snag if Raindrops is too oily.Moms:

  • Daily washers uses Trilogy + Delicate/Silk, Pacifica, Satin, Chic, Raindrops, Designer and Mend. Magic for the days you can't jump in the shower. Use Trilogy to wash bangs between hairstyling for a fresh look. Quick styles can be achieved with Pacifica and Satin. Designer masks postpartum hair loss, building volume and giving you a full style. Use Mend weekly/monthly to restore and maintain healthy, shiny hair.

  • Working Professionals: Extend your signature style with Magic and Sidlab Signature Cocktail "The Morning After"

  • For the Minimalist: All products come in travel safe sizes (2oz) and are available to refill at any Sidlab salon, Sidlab headquarters, or select farmers markets.

  • For those who hate the feel of product: Use Lather and Rinse daily for healthy, clean, lightweight hair. Our Designer is a featherlight spray that can be used as a volumizer when damp, or extra light hold hairspray when dry. You won't even feel a thing. Chic is also an extreme light hold hairspray that once brushed through, you won't feel. It has a featherlight feel.

  • Allergies: Lather and Rinse are our low frangarace, high performing every day hair care line suited best for you. They use essential oils instead of fragarance.

  • Full Style and Blow Out Realness: For the complete blowout experience we recommend: Shampoo/Conditioner: Trilogy + Delicate/Silk. Satin as a detangler. Build base of Sleek 3. Style control with Chic and Raindrops. Separate with Blend and Fabric, Finish with Chichi 2.0

  • Effortlessly Natural: For the complete effortless experience we recommend: Shampoo/Conditioner Trilogy + Delicate/Silk, Satin as a detangler, Pacifica and Raindrops to build base and control style, finish with Chic or Chici for stronger hold.

  • Ultra: Works great on super fine hair. More hold than fabric and separates more

  • Fabric: Good for photos, weddings, etc. Puts more shine on hair and adds some volume

  • Curlista: Works well as a cocktail with Sleek 3 (only when 100% dry). Scrunch without the crunch. Gives a soft and luxurious curl. Doesn't flake or lose hold once it is dry. Smooths the cuticle to avoid frizz.

  • Sleek 3: More of a serum than a gel. Use on fingertips. Has a hold of about 1 on the hold scale. Great for fine hair when combined with Designer. Acts as a curl gel on curly hair. Smooths the cuticles not the curl. Activated with heat and can put shape back into hair after 2 or more unwashed days.