Aside from having great products that work, we aren't your typical brand. As an independent. local NW brand. We hate corporate red tape. Thus, We would never subject you to a bunch of rules and regulations. We have designed our policies around the voice of our customers. Some of the ideas you gave us include.

  • Backbar sold in gallons allowing you to refill your client's bottles--let's reduce plastic waste together!

  • Demo and sell product at no cost for up to 30 days in your salon.

  • Tailor your intro kit to fit your needs

  • No room for inventory? Purchase backbar only and refer clients to our website to order and receive a portion of the sale.

  • Lock yourself intro bigger discounts on future purchases

  • Be part of our referral program

  • Spread payments up over 3 months

  • Free business planning and marketing advice from experts with 20+ years of small business experience

You don't need to spend thousands. We customize a package that fits your budget. You can sell Sidlab with $0 investment in inventory. Buy backbar, and have your clients order online, entering your name as their stylist, and we'll pay you the sale.

Sidlab has always donated a portion of sales to charities. We know that some charities speak more personally to one person than another. We will donate a portion of every purchase to the charity of your choice.

No risk. Product isn't selling? Send it back for a refund with in 90 days. Or exchange it out for other better selling products.

Clients expect you to be the expert. There is no better way to prove your expertise by custom designing a formula for your client's specific hair needs. Sidlab uses a prescriptive approach allowing you to fine tune and tailoring the products based on the "Formula Equation" of each individual’s hair type, texture, density, and lifestyle. Sidlab products are highly concentrated, allowing to cocktail the proper formula with ease for long lasting results, bringing down the cost per day. Mixing also means less inventory for you. Other brands try to cover all the different hair types and needs by having many products in their line. This means you have to carry a lot more inventory. By mixing products, you can carry less inventory and less backbar. That is less out of pocket money for you and your clients. Mixology: the future of hair care!

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