Rain drops in ABOUT FACE, Spring 2012

9/25/20221 min read

sidlab rain drops featured in ABOUT FACE Magazine, Spring 2012 Article by Deborah Haynes Q: I heard how great argan oil is for the hair. I tried it, but when I use it my dry hair gets oily looking. Whatgives? A: I`ve been in your oily shoes. I am a self-proclaimed hair product fanatic. I will try anything to satisfy my hair hunger. Moroccan Oil is the original, and it`s fantastic at creating smooth, radiant looking hair. However, I only use it as a deep treatment every once in awhile. Only those of you with curly or coarse hair can use it on a regular basis. That`s not me: fine and straight is my mane. My search continued. Then a friend gave me rain drops by sidlab. This argan oil is weightless. Hair is left smooth, shiny and UV protected regardless of your hair texture. I use it as my blowout serum, and then I use the leftover oil on my hands to smooth out the flyaways. A must try.