Create My Formula

Use our matrix below to help create the perfect formula for your hair. Are you high or low maintenance? Have hard water or well water? What's the texture of your hair? All these things will help us pick the best formula for your hair. Want a custom formula? Then use the contact form to tell us about your hair and we'll have an expert create a formula just for you.


Some Other Tips and Tricks

  • Lifestyle factors: Swimmers and athletes, Use Lather/Rinse for daily washers, Trilogy/Silk for weekly washers. Use Blend in sweaty hair to reactive style.

  • Wear Eyeglasses? : Use 1 drop of Raindrops sparingly where eyeglasses rub and snag your hairs to protect them. Or a mist of Satin on your fingertips and applied to areas most likely to snag if Raindrops is too oily.

  • Moms: Daily washers uses Trilogy + Delicate/Silk, Pacifica, Satin, Chic, Raindrops, Designer and Mend. Magic for the days you can't jump in the shower. Use Trilogy to wash bangs between hairstyling for a fresh look. Quick styles can be achieved with Pacifica and Satin. Designer masks postpartum hair loss, building volume and giving you a full style. Use Mend weekly/monthly to restor and maintain healthy, shiny hair.

  • Working Professionals: Extend your signature style with Magic and Sidlab Signature Cocktail "The Morning After"

  • For the Minimalist: All products come in travel safe sizes (2oz) and are available to refill at any Sidlab salon, Sidlab headquarters, or select farmers markets.

  • For those that hate the feel of product: Use Lather and Rinse daily for healthy, clean, lightweight hair. Our Designer is a featherlight spray that can be used as a volumizer when damp, or extra light hold hairspray when dry. You won't even feel a thing. Chic is also an extreme light hold hairspray that once brushed through, you won't feel. It has a featherlight feel.

  • Have Allergies: Lather and Rinse are our low frangrace, high performing every day hair care line suited best for you. They use essential oils instead of fragrance.

  • Glamming it up? For the complete blowout experience we recommend: Shampoo/Conditioner: Trilogy + Delicate/Silk. Satin as a detangler. Build base of Sleek 3. Style control with Chic and Raindrops. Separate with Blend and Fabric, Finish with Chichi 2.0

  • Effortlessly Natural? For the complete effortless experience we recommend: Shampoo/Conditioner Trilogy + Delicate/Silk, Satin as a detangler, Pacifica and Raindrops to build base and control style, finish with Chic or Chici for stronger hold.